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We offer advice in the different areas of Commercial, Labor, Migratory and Administrative Law. Further we carry out all the legal procedures and judicial representation in litigation that a natural or legal person may need.

Corporate law

We can assist you with…

  • Incorporation of Corporations, private foundations, limited liability companies
  • Nominee Director Services
  • Registered Address for Companies
  • Preparation of Corporate Reforms
  • Review and preparation of mercantile contracts of all kinds (purchase of shares, assignments, splits, mergers, services, suppliers)
  • Trademarks and Patents
  • Commercial Permits
  • Registration before state entities (DGI, Mayor’s Office, CSS.)
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Legalization of Documents before Minrex
  • Representation and legal advice in real estate sale transactions
  • Custody of Bearer Shares
  • Opening of corporate and personal banking accounts
  • Account management
  • Extrajudicial Conflict Negotiation

We can assist you with …

  • Registry and property registry Due Diligence
  • Land Titling and Possessory Rights
  • Massive and individual segregations
  • Cadastral update in ANATI and DGI
  • Payment of Property Taxes
  • Legal and personal representation in sale transactions

Titles segregations

Labor law

We can assist you with …

  • Labor counselling
  • Representation in hearings before Labor Orientation Boards
  • Representation in hearings before Conciliation and Decision Boards
  • Labor Proceedings before Sectional Labor Courts
  • Appeals before the Superior Labor Court
  • Collective Agreements
  • Submission of Petitions
  • Internal Rules of Procedure
  • Administrative proceedings before the Ministry of Labor

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Migratory Law

We can assist you with …

  • Visas as Temporary Resident
  • Visas as Permanent Resident (Friendly Countries (Países Amigos), Panamanian-Italian Convention, Professional)
  • Investor Visas (real estate, certificate of deposit, large-sized business)
  • Labor Visas (ordinary and technical staff)
  • Visas for Family Reunification
  • Special Visas (City of Knowledge, Non-resident Passers-by, Domestic workers)
  • Naturalizations
  • Fixed Term Work Permit (Professional, 10% of the ordinary staff, 15% of the regular staff
  • Indefinite Work Permits (Friendly Countries (Países Amigos), Panamanian-Italian Convention)

We can assist you with…

  • Presentation of Requests for the application of treaties to avoid Double
  • Taxation (Remittances, Proceeds, Complementary Tax)
  • Certificates of Tax Residence
  • Analysis of Taxation for natural and legal persons
  • Tax consultations on Treaty analysis to avoid double taxation
  • Tax returns

Tax law and international taxation

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